Do you have self collection or walk-in option?

We have curently ceased all self-collection during this period. *In view of the COVID-19, we have ceased all self collection, delivery charges will be highly subsidised. Delivery charges will be highly subsidised by Milking Cow SG. 

Delivery slots will be on a first come first served basis, we are only taking in a maximum of 30 orders per day due to the shortage of manpower.

Below $30 - $10 delivery 

$30-$49.99 - $5 delivery 

Above $50 - Free Delivery

Can I still place an order?

Yes, you may still place an order. There will strictly be no refund, only delayed in delivery or store credits if the government annouces new measures for our operations. 

When is the earliest delivery date?

Earliest delivery dates can be viewed on our website during check out. (Currently early june) 

Please remember to choose your delivery date during check out or Milking Cow SG will provide the next available date

Low Stock Alert

Many of our suppliers are currently facing low stock count.

As much as we try to keep up with the increase in demand during this period, items may be OOS, esp fresh fruits, chocolate. In the event when we cannot fufill certain products, we will send you a message either to change or refund for the items. Delivery charge will still apply if cart values falls. 

*packaging may differ between orders due to delay in shipping and world wide shortages*

Please order only if you are comfortable with changes in packaging due to Low stock count. All packaging will be stablised only after Covid-19 circuit breaker period. 

Why no one replying me?

We have limit our manpower to 2 person to minimise interactions during this period. Milking cow mama and papa will be fufilling all orders. We try to reply to your messages within the same day, however, replies may take up to 3 working days.

Do read up our FAQ on the website or IG stories for updates on commonly asked questions so we can minimise administrative work

Can I change my orders?

Please drop us a message if there is any urgent changes to be made to your order. Hopefully no changes is address, (circuit breaker ah,dont keep changing house! )

Note: Any changes or edit in orders may not be fufilled accordingly and Milking Cow SG will not be liable for the mistakes during this period of time.


What measures are you taking?

1. We have cut down our manpower headcount to a minimum to minimise interactions

2. Premises will be sanitised twice daily (11am and 5pm) during this period of time

3. Hand sanitizers will be made available for delivery drivers and staff

4. Contactless delivery will be put in place

5. All delivery drivers will be required to wear a mask and maintain 1m safe distance

6. Face mask and gloves (always wear even before the virus 😂)will be worn throughout the day.

7. No retailing or self collection of our products

Contactless Delivery

Drivers will place items outside and stand 1m away to wait for you to pick up items. In the event that no one pick up, driver will call you. If calls or messages are not responded, items will be left outside. You may opt to place a chair, table, hook or somewhere which the drivers can place the items. In the event where there is no such option, items will be left on racks or ground to protect both you and the driver safety. Please inform us beforehand if you have a specific area where you would like the items to be left.