Lactation Avocado Muffins - milkingcowsg
Lactation Avocado Muffins - milkingcowsg

Lactation Avocado Muffins

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Avocados are a great milk booster and helps to improve quality of milk supply! Known to thicken and improve the quality of breast milk, avocado contains high amounts of the key nutrients such as, folate and potassium. 

Our avocados muffin are baked with low heat, baked with brown sugar, flaxseed, brewer's yeast, chia seeds, Alfafa, Fennel seeds and Rolled oats

1 box contains 6 pieces of muffin 

Shelf life: 1 week refrigerated 


  • Matcha Dark Chocolate with Almond

- Premium Japanese Matcha Powder 

-70% Dark Chocolate 

  • Cocoa White Chocolate with Cacao nibs

- Super food Cacoa Nibs

  • Cranberries Raisin and Blueberries

- Mixture of 3 flavour with real fruits! 

Normal Version is with plain fillings, just good avocado muffins. 

Premium Version includes nutella fillings in between muffins! with oozing nutella for a sinful treat!

*Pregnant mummies: Please check with gynae if fennel can be consume and you make indicate in notes if you would like to opt out of fennel seeds