Want to Easily Increase you Milk Supply?- 5 Effective Tips to Consider

Every breastfeeding woman ought to realize that as the baby takes in more milk, more supply is produced as a result to accommodate to their demand. It is a fun fact that babies can get enough supply of milk whenever they feel the urge to feed.
Below are 5 tips for moms out there to increase breast milk supply through a breezy and comfortable way for her baby:
1. Constantly check your latch while breastfeeding 
Are they drinking? A good latch is when the baby's cheeks are rounded, swallowing comes easy and no clicking noises while latching.  Poor latching reduces milk supply, for the child is only able to get milk when the flow of the milk is not blocked.
2. Avoiding creating fixed breastfeeding routines for the child
When should they be fed? At their age, babies should not be set on when to or not to feed. They should be fed more often (on demand) which as a result will increase milk supply. It will not cause any harm when we regularly feed our babies even when they may not need it. Don't look at the clock! Feed when necessary. The baby will send signals on when he or she needs to feed. Moms should thus be observant of their babies' actions to read signs for the right moment to feed them.
3. Breastfeeding mothers should take a healthy and well balanced diet 
What is in our breastmilk? Good supply of milk should start with healthy eating. Breastfeeding women require more calories, nutritious food and proteins. These ranges from salmon, nuts, seeds, avocado, fruits and veggies. 
Part of the diet would involve the mother eating galactagogue foods. When galactagogues are ingested, they quickly increases milk supply and can thus be taken as a herb, in solid (lactating products) or liquid (lactating tea) form. The word Galactagogue comes from the noun 'Galacta' which means milk.
4. Drink enough water and fluids
How to get a full breast? Breast milk consists mostly water.Staying hydrated is essential which means drinking lots of water and maintaining a reasonable fluid intake. Excessive fluid intake can be toxic to the body! Drinking at least 8 glasses of water in a day is seen as healthy for the baby and mother. 
5.Avoid constant use of pacifiers and nipple shields
Are they recommended? Pacifiers, nipple shields and bottles should be used only when necessary. When the baby fails to use the breast often, the nipples get less stimulated and will delay milk supply. Nipple shields, in most cases, are used due to poor latching and thus before adopting one, mothers should refer to the first tip discussed above.
6. Enhance power pumping
What is the shortcut to increasing milk supply? By using power pumping, it means that the mother should always have the breast pump with them and pump more often until a demand for more milk is formed which increases supply. Within a day, a mother can opt to pump continuously for about 20 minutes, rest for five to ten minutes then resume pumping again. Repeating this procedure for around 3 times a day will increase milk supply. 
Most importantly, don't get stressful when your supply hits all-time low as it will make it worst! Let's all work hard for our bubs, as a healthy baby = happy baby = happy mum!